How do you do it?


I completed my PhD in December 2015. I tackled my entire program in 3.5 years, start to finish.

During those 3.5 years:

  • My husband began his PhD journey the same day I did and also worked full time.
  • My baby grew into a little boy. He was 13 months old on my first day of class and 4.5 years old the day I graduated.
  • I worked full time, mostly as an assistant director of residence life, more of a life style than a job.
  • My father-in-law became ill and died from cancer (we lived close by and provided the support we could when not at work or in class or doing homework).
  • I completed a job search and became the director of residence life for the largest residence life program in the state of Florida (which resulted 1,000 mile relocation).
  • We are ultra runners – we run really long distances…for fun. 🙂

Now that school is over, I am writing, presenting, working, spending time with my kiddo, and training for my first 100 mile ultra marathon (Keys 100).

When people learn all this about me, the first question, without fail is …

“How do you do it?”


I wanted it bad enough so I found a way (and shit-ton of privilege).


Those who want whatever “it” is for them, bad enough, will eventually go get it. There is no perfect time. You will never be ready. There will always be _______ in the way.

Wanting something bad enough doesn’t mean it will be easy. In fact, sacrifices will have to be made, schedules will have to change, relationships will be strained, lost or strengthened.

We never do it alone, there is always a village to provide support each step of the way!

It’s never perfect and it’s always messy!

It will be hard.

The good stuff always is!

Now, go get it!