Making the most of your grad experience!

Today’s post comes from Laura Valle. Laura has just completed her first year as a Graduate Residence Coordinator at the University of Central Florida.  Laura shares her advice to new grads about making the most of their first year!

Making the most of your grad experience

“I wish that I could somehow tell the new graduate students coming in that everything will be okay.

As simple as an answer as that sounds, I have found that those words are the most comforting as a first year. Everyone will tell you how hard graduate school is going to be and everyone will tell you some horror story of an experience that they had throughout their assistantship. It is way too easy to let everyone’s negative experiences from graduate school paint a picture in your mind.

Packing up and moving my life across the east coast is already a scary process, but having those negative experiences in my mind was only adding to my anxiety.

Yes, graduate school is challenging. And yes, your assistantship will have interesting stories sometimes. But overall, being a first year graduate student is beautiful.

The amount of learning and development that will happen is something that can’t prepare for…it just happens. Let your experience as a graduate student be your own and don’t let it be shaped by the stereotypes of the position or the experiences of others.

Everything will be okay.”

Laura Valle

Laura’s career goal is to be a dean of students. When she is not at work or studying, she spends her free time enjoying the Orlando area and eating ice cream. You can connect with Laura via email or Facebook!