A letter to my sister

Your story is yours to write. 

Be the author of your own story. Sure, as you read mine watch my plot develop, there are many lessons and hidden pathways exposed but in no way does that mean those lessons are for you or those now visible pathways are the map to your life.

Though we share our genetic make up, nothing about how we live our lives is meant to be identical.

  • I am the typical first born. Living up to all the expectations, a quiet rule follower, most of my days.
  • You are bound by nothing! No rules will hold you down and everyone will hear your voice.
  • I am built for speed.
  • You are built for power.
  • I grew up in a home with our family.
  • You grew up in a broken home without our family. 
  • I work hard to learn the rules of the game in order to beat my competition.
  • You create your own rules and force your competition to play your game, because you can.
  • I lead a cautious life with the future in mind.
  • You live in every moment of the present experiencing boundless adventures. 

The expectations that you some how live a life like mine are not possible to meet. You see, your story is meant to be great. You are meant to leave a noticeable mark on this world. As you search for the path that leads to your greatness, remember, you are the only author of your story. You decide the characters, the many settings, the plot, how to triumph from setbacks, and most of all, how the story ends. 

No one can write your story better than you. Know that your story is amazing! Believe that I love you most for all things about you that I am not!


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