Imperfectly Perfect

My world is full of learning experiences. I am a momma to a two year old. I work full time. I am a doctoral student. I am a wife. I am an ultrarunner.

How do you balance everything? A common question I am asked. Outsiders constantly judging my commitments as too much, wondering if I can truly handle anything more and retain my focus on being a good mother to my son. I have spent a good deal of time reflecting on this questions, trying to drill down and find out what exactly it is that makes all this possible for me.

There are two key pieces to success in my life. The first being the fact that I am confident in my decisions and know beyond a shadow of doubt that I am the best mother for my boy – mistakes included. I think this is because I whole heartedly believe that my world is imperfectly perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are a million little things, some big things I may “mess up” on or “fail” at from time to time. My perspective, however, is that there is much to be learned in each misstep and there is no way I could be the person I am without each one. I value my imperfections as they are what makes me perfect.

The second key piece hit me over head while I listened to the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. There is a point in the book when Sandberg talks about the need for a true partner to achieve success. My partner is just that, perfect! He helps me work though problems. He kicks me out of the house to go run insisting I not feel guilty for leaving him with the boy. He rises early with the boy to allow me to sleep in (he understands the sleep diva that I am). He encourages me to be me. He catches me when I momentarily fail. He argues with me to challenge my brain to function at its highest level. He pushes me to continue to follow my dreams. We are in this together! He runs ultra’s with me, he is an equal parent to our son and he is my cohort as fellow doctoral student. Not to mention he does all the cooking and the laundry! He is essential to my success.

I am imperfectly perfect and I know it and that is how I accomplish what I do when others wouldn’t dare try.

How do you handle what’s on your plate? What is it that helps you be successful?

Until next time, keep it real and keep showing up!