Footprints in the snow

I headed out for a run this morning, knowing it would be a fight between me and mother nature. It was 30 degrees but due to the massive wind guests, it felt like 12 degrees. It was a hard run. Having to pay close attention to my footing. The need for high knees in longer durations than I ever care to due to the depth of snow drifts that blocked the sidewalks. At moments, when the wind was silent, feeling like I was over dressed. The next moment, as the wind reminded me it was still winter, feeling like I was under dressed. Wearing my sun glasses down one street to keep the blowing snow out of my eyes. Having to take my sunglasses off on the next street because the wind was at my back and my glasses fogged up and I couldn’t see. It was quite the battle!

Every so often though, I would see the foot prints of a runner who had already run this path on this day. Those footprints reminded me that while I might feel alone, fighting a battle against nature, I am not really alone. Others have done this before. My footprints will be there for those who would run after me. We are in good company!

There is a saying, that as a leader, it’s lonely at the top. Having spent the last 18 months adjusting to a new role of leadership, I have often felt this “lonely”. I am confident this “lonely” is more pronounced and prevalent the higher one climbs up the organizational lader. I am equally confident there are many battles against nature one faces the closer they get to the top. However, for all of us, there are footprints in the snow to remind us we are not alone. All we have to do is reach out and connect with those who came before, having left the footprints for us to find. To pay it forward, we’ll need to look back, see who is following our footprints and help them to realize they, too, are not alone.

The next time you feel alone, look for footprints and know you are in good company!

Until next time, keep it real and keep showing up!

2 thoughts on “Footprints in the snow

  1. Great post, Anne. I have felt the same loneliness you described, and am thankful for such things like Twitter and the WLI experience. Twitter and WLI have provided me with meaningful connections that continually remind me that I am far from alone.

    Keeping it real with ya,

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