Don’t Throttle Back

We have a made up verb we use in our house: “to Anne something”. I have a habit of making a decision and going full throttle in that direction, 100% commitment to the idea and the achievement of a goal; thus, to Anne something.

An example. I was talking with my husband about his desire to run the Keys 100 in May 2014. I finally worked my brain around to the idea that I could do this with him. A few hours later, I had found a training plan for 100 miler first-timers, learned what we should be doing to prepare in regard to eating on the run, and started our own blog as form of accountability and reflection of the experience. I totally “Anne-ed” the idea of joining my husband on the Keys 100.

I recently had an experience with a woman I highly respect. She asked if I wanted to read the book Lean In with her in preparation for the Women’s Leadership Institute we plan to attend in December. I responded with the fact that I had already read the book and would happily engage in conversation/discussion with her. To this point, I had not yet “Anne-ed” the situation.

Reflecting on this conversation triggered me to send a follow up email where I outlined a personal/professional development curriculum I had experienced over the last few months consisting of Lean In, Multipliers, Start With Why, Daring Greatly and (Forget a Mentor) Find a Sponsor. Yup, this is the point where I “Anne-ed” the situation.

After work, I was telling my husband about the situation. I was in the middle of asking him if I went too far and his response was simply this: Don’t throttle back, be Anne!

I grinned, grateful for a supportive partner and agreed. I can only be me. And that means I will continue to “Anne” things…it’s how I do!

The take away, Don’t throttle back, be you!


Until next time, keep it real and keep showing up!

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