Anne R. Stark, Ph.D.  has spent the majority of her years serving students through her work in housing and residence life at institutions of higher education.  Anne maintains a deep commitment to unlocking the talent of those around her as she transitions to serve the healthcare industry.

As a Leadership and Talent Development Partner in the healthcare industry, a certified organizational and personal Life Coach, and certified facilitator of both the Emerging Leader Profile 360 and Discovery Leadership Profile 360 assessment tool. Anne is passionate about organizational and individual human capital resource management, curricular design for non-traditional classroom learning, and coaching clients to help them unlock their potential in life as well as their career.

Past national presentations have focused on supervision for effective talent development, leadership development in higher education, supervision from the middle of the organizational chart, gender issues in the workplace, living learning communities, students with intellectual disabilities living in university housing, and assessment.

When she is not busy researching, studying, and serving those around her, she can be found doing two kinds of running: running ultra marathons and running after her seven-year-old son.

Anne completed a PhD in Technology, Leadership, and Innovation from Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute in 2015. Her dissertation research focused on the impact mobile technology use has on burnout experienced by student affairs professionals. Anne earned her Masters of Education from the University of Florida in Student Personnel in Higher Education with a focus on leadership in 2007 and her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Purdue University in 2004.

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You can connect with Anne via email, TwitterFacebook, or LinkedIn.